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The USAjobs.gov application process is made to eliminate candidates. Resumes without exact wording, personal examples, and formatting are not even reviewed by the hiring officials.
Don’t Stress! We have former Federal Hiring Officials on staff, so we know exactly what the Federal Government wants to see on your resume. You don't need to take our word for it, we back it up!


What exactly is guaranteed?

100% of your Federal Resume Writing Service Payment ($599 or the amount paid under special offer) is protected.

I'm new to Federal jobs. What is a qualification rank?

In the Federal hiring process, your qualification rank is the score used to determine whether you will be referred to the hiring manager for an interview.

What are the eligibility requirements?

Our money-back guarantee is valid within 90 days of purchase provided the following conditions are met:

  1. Your announcement is listed on USAjobs.gov. (We prepare resumes for any Federal job on any Federal Agency Careers site with excellent results, but our resumes are targeted for the regulations on USAjobs.gov)
  2. You purchase the Federal Resume Writing Service from USAJobsHELP.com
  3. You follow all of our instructions completely and correctly as needed
  4. You submit the resume correctly and without further adjustment to the chosen vacancy on USAjobs.gov
  5. Your application status was marked “not eligible” and/or "not qualified" due to your resume

How can you offer a guarantee when other resume writers can’t?

Our team has managed the hiring process of over 6,000 federal employees. Most of the competition has never seen the other side of the application.

  1. Each vacancy you select is reviewed by our team to ensure you are eligible and qualified.
  2. Your experience is documented in the exact terms and format required within your selected vacancy.
  3. All job-specific experience is quantified properly to maximize your value as a candidate.
  4. All relevant Office of Personnel Management standards are followed to ensure compliance.
  5. You have access to our team’s guidance if you need to appeal an incorrect decision.

Do you guarantee I will be hired?

Of course not. Someone more qualified is still more qualified, and the hiring official should obviously select the most qualified candidate.
However, even if other applicants are more qualified than you, if their experience is not documented properly on their resume, they may be ranked significantly lower than you or screened out entirely.
You will receive the maximum qualification ranking possible for your experience. We give you the best chance possible of being hired.

What about refunds outside of the Moneyback guarantee?

All sales are final outside of the money-back guarantee. Public notices, expedited service, narratives, and special requests are not part of the guarantee.
Our team is very flexible and generous with revisions if requested. At the same time, to offer such a guarantee, we must strictly follow the Federal guidelines even above customer preference.
Additionally, as a small team, when you use our service it means someone else is not receiving the valuable help that our team has to offer. We know Federal resume applications better than any other company and strive to provide outstanding service to every customer.
If you have any issues with your experience, please do not hesitate to notify the owner directly at 818.522.6384 and we will do everything we can to make sure you are happy with your purchase.

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