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Federal Resume 5-Pack

The USAjobs.gov application process is made to eliminate candidates. Resumes without vacancy-specific keywords, personal examples, and details are not even reviewed by the hiring officials.
Hire a former Federal hiring official to coach you through the application process, find you the right vacancies, and write your resume. Get help, get hired.

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You Save: $297 (22%)

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Full-Service Federal Employment Solution

It's hard to navigate federal applications, understand Federal vacancies, and really sell yourself. Let Insiders get everything done right, fast, and on budget.

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How exactly does this work?

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It all starts when you scroll up and click the “Buy Now” button above.
You will arrive at the checkout page to purchase the Federal Application Package using the payment method of your choice.
Next, you will receive a welcome email which includes Step-by-Step instructions to access your Dashboard. Take the tour and enter the vacancy number(s) in which you are interested. If you do not yet have a job in mind, we will help you find the best government vacancies for your experience.
Getting accurate, current information from you is our goal. To complete our onboarding process, our Resume Discovery Tool will give you guidance every step of the way. The fields are broken down by each item our team will need to address for the position. The form is much easier to understand and fill out than the resume builder on the USAjobs.gov website. It should take less than an hour. Once complete, you simply submit it back to our team.
Next, you will be emailed a link to a brief checklist that helps identify your qualifications specific to the keywords on the vacancy announcement. We will then build the perfect resume for your application to your selected vacancy. Each resume is reviewed by a former Federal hiring official. You will be coached through accurately answering the assessment questions and attaching documents to your application. Finally, you will click submit to apply for the job. We even review your application for errors that would otherwise get it rejected. We have your back the entire time!
You will receive the highest qualification ranking for your experience on every application or your money back. You will continue to receive priority support from our team of Insiders until you are hired.

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Federal Resume Writing Service

Includes: Federal Job searches, one (1) Customized Federal Resume, coaching on answering application and interview questions, application review and 5 Star Customer Service!

Price: $599

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