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Briefcase iconThe application process is made to eliminate candidates. Resumes without exact keywords, personal examples, and formatting are not even reviewed by the hiring officials.

Hire a former Federal hiring official to write your resume for you. Get help, get hired.

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What's the Story?

Federal Resume Writing Team

Our team began with Debbie Ryan and Jim Heiss. In addition to numerous other Federal positions, they have worked on the 2000 and 2010 National Census as Federal hiring officials tasked with hiring and managing over 6,000 Federal employees.

It quickly became clear that thousands of applicants who were clearly qualified for vacant positions were required to be turned away as ineligible due to simple resume errors.

After the count, Jim and Debbie looked into the struggles that many applicants face on during their transition from the private sector. People were frustrated.

Hundreds of conversations with interview candidates, job fair participants, and others eventually led to the USAJobs Help program.

How exactly does this work?

It all starts when you scroll up and click the “Write My Resume” button above.

You will arrive at the checkout page to purchase the Federal Application Package using the payment method of your choice. Next, you will receive an welcome email from a member of our team. You will enter the vacancy number in which you are interested and complete our onboarding process.

If you do not yet have a job in mind, we can help you find the right government vacancies for your experience.

Next, you will be emailed a brief form to fill out. Each form is custom built by our team members specifically for the vacancy you have selected. The fields are broken down by each item our team will need to address for the position. The form is much easier to understand and fill out than the USAJobs website. It should take less than an hour. Once complete, you simply submit it back to our team.

A member of our team will build the perfect resume for your application to that specific vacancy. Upon your approval, any required documents will be reviewed by a former Federal hiring official. You will be coached through accurately answering the assessment questions. Finally, you will click submit to apply for the job.

You will receive the highest qualification ranking for your experience on every application or your money back. You will continue to receive priority support from our team until you are hired. To apply for mulitple vacancies, you may order our Deluxe Application Package ($499) to receive over 30% discount.

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USA Jobs Help, LLC BBB Business Review


5 Stars Passed the HR screening process for both positions

Federal resume writing service August 18, 2021 I have spent my entire career working in the private sector. An ex-coworker, who had recently been hired by the FAA, encouraged me to apply for a position there as well. Knowing that I had never applied for a government job before, he recommended that I reach out to Debbie at USAJobshelp for assistance in applying. He told me that he had been trying to get a position at the FAA for a year before he finally discovered Debbie and USAJobshelp. She revised his resume and guided him through the process, and shortly thereafter he had the job he had hoped for! He was well-qualified. He was just not familiar with the government hiring process. I followed my friend’s advice and called Debbie immediately, as there were two rare job postings for the position I am looking for that had fairly immediate application deadlines. She and her team worked quickly to revise my private sector resume and they guided me through the application process. They were available to answer my questions 24/7, and quick to make changes where needed. I have just received notification that I have passed the HR screening process and am eligible to be considered for both positions. Debbie has provided me with common questions to prepare answers for as I wait to be contacted by the various offices to be interviewed. I feel much more confident as I work my way through the government job application process with Debbie and her team working by my side and look forward to a successful result!


5 Stars I got approve on my job announcement

Federal resume writing service Aug 10, 2021 I was very unsure of what your services could offer me, until and I saw the Notice of Results saying, I had become tentatively eligible for the first time in a while. Your team experience and knowledge is greatly appreciated, and I will continue using your services as long as you are available.


5 Stars Waiting for my interview date

Federal resume writing service August 5, 2021 The staff of USAJobsHELP were very helpful and quick to put my resume together within 3 days. They were very responsive to my questions and updated me every step of the way on where they are in the process. They did an excellent job for me. I made the CERT and am now waiting for my interview date. I highly recommend them if you need help with your federal resume.


5 Stars Referred on all 3 positions and hired.

Federal resume writing service July 23, 2021 I would like to thank you and your staff for the outstanding work you put into my resume. I got referrals on the (3) positions I applied for at NASA Armstrong Flight Research Center. As of this morning, I was notified of my selection for hire. I have tried in the past to apply for government jobs and never got a referral. Today's result proves the work you and your team did with my resume was the difference this time.


5 Stars I received several offers for federal employment

Federal resume writing service July 6, 2021 USAJobsHELP was an effective tool in aiding my pursuit for federal employment. Debbie was very easy to work with and I experienced a great rapport while she helped me throughout the process. I received several offers for federal employment when the resume USAJobsHELP assisted me in creating was uploaded to USAJobs and I have recently been contacted with a Temporary Job Offer for federal employment that I think will be a great fit for me. I am very gracious to have had their help in the process of attempting to gain federal employment.


4 Stars Referred for two opportunities, moved to interview

Federal resume writing service June 12, 2021 Debbie and team were very responsive to inquiries. I'd been attempting to consider federal opportunities for years but found much difficulty despite years of experience and education. Prior to her services, I was referred to a hiring manager once and was not considered further. Once I received her services, I have not only been referred to the hiring manager for two opportunities, with another pending, but have moved further towards the interview process.


5 Stars I got referred!

Federal resume writing service June 9, 2021 I got referred! I am grateful for this service that allowed me to be competitive in the government-industry!


5 Stars Resulted in receiving the job offer I wanted.

Federal resume writing service June 4, 2021 USA Jobs help prepare my resume and provided sample interview questions that got me referred to the hiring manager and completely prepared me for the interview. This resulted in receiving the job offer I wanted. Can’t say enough good things about this service.


5 Stars Ended up with multiple job offers

Federal resume writing service May 6, 2021 If you are wondering if it is worth the cost to have help with your resume, the answer is YES. A thousand times, YES. Before I used USAJOBSHELP, I was struggling to get through the system. I spent eight frustrating months applying for positions that I was definitely qualified for but I kept getting rejected. I started to lose hope. I already had a great resume but I just wasn’t getting selected to be interviewed. This wonderful service took my resume and…tweaked it…so that it had exactly what the initial screening process was looking for and into the hand of the hiring managers. After that I was selected for multiple interviews and ended up with multiple job offers. This service paid for itself with my very first paycheck. Now, I am in the process of applying for the next grade and I am definitely going to use USAJOBSHELP again.


5 Stars I received referrals and interviews with hiring officials

Federal resume writing service April 21, 2021 I would highly recommend USAJobsHELP. Debbie and her team did a fabulous job. They not only educated me on how to prepare a resume, but I received invaluable coaching on the hiring process. I felt extremely comfortable working with her. She answered all of my questions and she was very patient. She is a true Job Coach!!! I received referrals and interviews with hiring officials. Please continue doing the excellent work. Thank you!


5 Stars I was invited to interview

Federal resume writing service April 20, 2021 Yes, it was worth the certainty to get referred. Also, Debbie was willing to work with me even though I needed a quick turnaround and other services were not willing to help. I was referred to the hiring manager for the supervisory position that I applied to and was invited to interview. The decision is still pending but I was pleased to get the opportunity to interview.


5 Stars I just had my interview

Federal resume writing service March 17, 2021 I saw a job announcement the I wanted to apply for but hadn’t written a resume in over twelve years. The job closing was just one week away when I contacted you. You and your team compiled the information that I provided and as you assured me I made the best-qualified list. You also provided a list of possible interview questions. I just had my interview and am awaiting the results. I am very pleased with the help I received from you and your team. I would highly recommend your service to anyone stressing over writing a resume.


5 Stars I have never been so excited to apply for a job

Federal resume writing service Mar 3, 2021 I have never been so excited to apply for a job position before now! I feel confident that with all the help I have received from USAjobHELP has been so insightful. I am looking forward to using them again in the further for even better opportunities!


5 Stars Five BIG TEXAS stars!

Federal resume writing service February 6, 2021 I can not say enough good things about usajobsHELP!!! From the moment i paid the fee, i was welcomed with clear directions and supporting emails all along the way. Debbie and her team worked with me late into the evening and on the weekend—which is amazing. I found a job with the Veterans Hosptial in San Antonio on the weekend and it was open until the 50 application spots filled. Debbie had my resume updated in hours. She also let me upgrade to the three resumer package, which is very useful when you have multiple variations of your resume. I will continue to shout from the roof tops—now onto the next step!! Five BIG TEXAS stars!


5 Stars Landed the interview within the first application

Federal resume writing service December 10, 2020 Very Knowledgeable and Professional. After years of searching for the right company, Debbie and the team were very easy to work with. I was provided detailed information in regards to my resume and options. I finally landed the interview within the first application.


5 Stars I got a referral on the listing!

Federal resume writing service November 8, 2020 Hi Debbie, Just wanted to let you know your service has been stellar. When I first contacted you I was not sure if we were going to be able to put together a Federal Resume in four days or not. But your crew proved me wrong! You not only put together the resume but you helped me with completing the questionnaire and provided me with insight on the interview questions in three days. To my delight, within a week, Your service is great, nothing hard, no hiccups and is the fastest Federal Resume Service I have seen. Truely, an extreme value for the price.


5 Stars "Went above and beyond what was expected"

Federal resume writing service July 15th, 2020 USA Jobs Help is very effective. Six of my applications have been advanced to the referral stage, currently still in the "hiring" process. This is a great value for the cost in my opinion, I definitely feel that I got more than my money's worth. Applying for a federal job is not like applying to a regular corporation, this is a very nuanced and challenging application process (as these resumes have very specific and detailed requirements) which was made effortless with the help of Debbie R. and her staff. They were prompt in their responses, concise in their replies, and always went above and beyond what was expected. It is with highest regards that I hold their professionalism and work ethic. I highly recommend anyone wanting to pursue a job with the federal government contact them first. They do not disappoint. 5+ STARS!


5 Stars "two weeks after the application closed I had an interview"

Federal resume writing service June 15th, 2020 I have applied through USAjobs and have felt frustrated that I could never get through the system with my resume. My resume was not quite set up the way it needed to be in order to be highlighted as the most qualified candidate for the position. Debbie and her team were able to develop something that highlighted all my skills and accomplishments to give me the most competitive edge. Debbie directly responded to my emails, texts and phone calls and was able to address all my questions, concerns and needs. I never felt more confident than now when applying for a position I know I am qualified for. After multiple attempts of applying for jobs through USAjobs I knew I needed professional help with the process and I am so glad I found Debbie and her team. The information is invaluable and I recommend her services to anyone who is looking at having the best chances of setting themselves up for success!

UPDATE: I got selected Monday this week for the job, then Tuesday I got a tentative offer for GS12 position!!!!! Thank you so much for your help and guidance through this process!!! BTW, I am literally telling everyone about your services. I am so happy with this result. I also happened to apply to grad school which I can do part time while working. The program is three years long and hopefully I can get another GS position as a nurse practitioner when I graduate. I'll be contacting you again in three years!! THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU!!!!


5 Stars "Two job offers at a 13 level"

Federal resume writing service May 16, 2020 This is a long overdue review, but this is the perfect time to write it. After submitting probably over 100 applications since 2015 and not receiving a referral, I reached my limit with applying for Federal government positions. As a last resort, I researched companies that wrote Federal government resumes and decided on Debbie and her company. I got the package in which they developed one custom-made resume for a job that I wanted to apply for. They also provided a basic resume to tailor other jobs I applied for. Additionally, they provided a list of potential interview questions to practice once I received an interview. Let me tell you, EVERY resume I submitted for a Federal job from February 2020 was referred and I participated in five interviews. As of May 13, 2020, I had two job offers at a 13 level. Debbie and her team know what they are doing. They are worth every penny. I know that I would not have gotten the interviews and job offers if it was not for Debbie and her team. Yes, I have the qualifications and skillset, but I did not relay them in the way that the government wanted and that hurt me for years. Please consider my review as a testament of what this company can do. Invest in your future.


5 Stars "USAJobsHELP is a MUST"

Federal resume writing service March 31, 2020 USAJobsHELP is a MUST if you're applying for a federal job. Ms. Ryan is an excellent source of knowledge and skill in the Federal industry to where, she's able to produce and present only the absolute most important skills and knowledge you have (and are), in the format that's most recognizable and accepted by the federal hiring system. A MVR (most valuable resource) for today's federal hiring market!


5 Stars "No words do it justice"

Federal resume writing service February 10, 2020 Customer Service such as this holds more value than any price paid. The one on one, customized assistance that Ms. Debbie and her Team provide is second to none and no words do it justice. Never, in 20+ years dealing with any services, have I felt that my money, time, and needs have been taken as seriously, cared for, and tailored to such as USAJobsHELP has done.


5 Stars "My resume was referred to the hiring manager"

Federal resume writing service, Expidite September 30, 2019 I started my job search on USA Jobs on a weekend and noticed a position that I was interested in that closed on the following Monday. I had very little hope that anyone could help me get the resume done in one day. I submitted a request on-line and was willing to pay extra for a "rush" job. On Monday morning I was contacted by USA Jobs and told they would be able to get the job done as long as I was available to do what was required of me. We submitted the resume that night and less than three weeks later I received a message that my resume was being referred to the hiring manager for that department. I would never have been able complete this by myself. USA Job exceeded my expectations!


5 Stars "Worth every penny."

Federal resume writing service September 5, 2019 USAJobsHELP is not only highly effective, it is worth every penny. I consider myself an intelligent person. However, as an intelligent person, I recognize that the Federal employment process is a difficult one. Debbie's experience is reflected during the application process. Debbie was able to integrate my job experience and translate it to what is needed pertaining to each job applied to. Debbie personalized my resume according to the announcement I was applying for. I realized that there is no such thing as "one resume- fits all". In addition, she explained why certain positions I was interested to apply I was not eligible and the reasons why. Therefore, she just did not take the money "as she could". Instead, her feedback helped me understand the process even further. In addition, without me even asking her she offered "tips" that will help me during the interview process. I am still in the "waiting" process and looking forward to a positive outcome.


5 Stars "I GOT THE JOB!!!"

Federal resume writing service July 29, 2019 A job announcement unexpectedly came out that I was perfect for and have been working toward over my Federal Government Career, however, it had a very short turn-a-around, less than a week. In a complete panic due to the fact that my Resume hadn't been updated in quite some time I reached out to Deb and she agreed to take me on. She reassured me every step of the way, kept my nerves calm, and delivered a timely, high quality resume, (with all of the right buzzwords) that exceeded my expectations. I GOT THE JOB!!! Will spread the word and highly recommend USAJobsHELP to everyone that needs a Resume assist. Reasonable and worth every penny ;-)


5 Stars "An incredible value for the money."

Federal resume writing service May 29, 2019 Based on my research, USAjobsHELP is an incredible value for the money. I applied for a couple federal positions in the past, and the applications seemed to just disappear into the abyss that is the Federal Hiring process. I looked into another company, they asked for 79.00 initial consult fee, and 300.00 per page with a 5 page minimum for a resume. That fee did NOT include both a general and specific option, as [USAjobsHELP] provided, nor did it provide any of the consultative services [USAjobsHELP] provided, such as the quick turn around, the key interview questions, or even a one on one phone call. The fact that I got an interview the first time I used [USAjobsHELP] speaks volumes to the value provided for the money I paid!


5 Stars "Blows the competition out of the water"

Federal resume writing service April 11, 2019 I could not hope for a better service, superb and impeccable job than USAJobsHELP. From the first time I contacted Debbie, she gave me detailed instructions of what she does, what to expect and guided me throughout the entire process. She never lost enthusiasm or desire to help me. She always planned ahead, never caught short. Her service is brilliant and exceptional. She's knowledgeable with an industrious knack for getting the job done correctly. She has blown her competitions out of the water. I would enthusiastically recommend USAJobsHELP to anybody. If you're reading this review, "spend the money for her service, you will not regret it".
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