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Briefcase iconThe USAJOBS.gov application process is made to eliminate candidates. Resumes without exact keywords, personal examples, and formatting are not even reviewed by the hiring officials.

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What's the Story?

Federal Resume Writing Team

Our team began with Debbie Ryan and Jim Heiss. In addition to numerous other federal positions, they have worked on the 2000 and 2010 National Census as federal hiring officials tasked with hiring and managing over 6,000 federal employees.

It quickly became clear that thousands of applicants who were clearly qualified for vacant positions were required to be turned away as ineligible due to simple resume errors.

After the count, Jim and Debbie looked into the struggles that many applicants face on USAJOBS.gov during their transition from the private sector. People were frustrated.

Hundreds of conversations with interview candidates, job fair participants, and others eventually led to the USAJobs Help program.

How exactly does this work?

The USAJOBS.gov application process is extremely competitive. It is not possible for hiring officials to read every application. There is a strict screening process which eliminates resumes found to be either ineligible or unqualified for the position. Learning that your application was not given the chance to be considered, especially when you know you are a good fit for the job, is a very frustrating experience.

Keep in mind that federal vacancies require that each resume is customized with exact wording based on the specific vacancy announcement. Do not use the same resume for every application.

If you customize each resume, it's not hard to pass the screening. The most common mistakes are careless errors, misinterpreting jargon, not using exact wording which may be required, and not sufficiently backing up your experience with the right examples. If your application is disqualified, you will not likely receive any feedback. This leaves you exposed to making the same errors in future applications.

To make sure you pass the screening, you can purchase the USAJobsHELP Federal Resume Review. A former federal hiring offical will review your application before the vacancy closing date. This allows you to address any errors that might disqualify you. You will also receive feedback to clarify and improve your resume. This ensures the highest eligibility rank for your application. If you prefer, we will review a previous application instead to help you understand why you might have been disqualified in the past. It all starts when you scroll up and click the "Review My Resume" button above.

You will arrive at the checkout page to purchase a Federal Resume Review ($99) using the payment method of your choice. Next, you will receive a welcome email from a member of our team. You will respond with the vacancy announcement name, number, and closing date in which you are interested. You will also provide a PDF or Word file of the resume you plan to submit with your application.

Next, your resume will be reviewed by a team expert. Each review includes a multi-point analysis of your resume with insights and recommendations to ensure your resume meets government requirements.

If we find that your resume does not meet the requirements, you will receive exact instructions on how to correct your resume at no additional cost. If you prefer, you may have a member of our team make the corrections for you by upgrading to our Federal Resume Writing Service at a discounted price.

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