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What's the story?

Our team began with Debbie Ryan and Jim Heiss. In addition to numerous other federal positions, they have worked on the 2000 and 2010 National Census as federal hiring officials tasked with hiring and managing over 6,000 federal employees.

It quickly became clear that thousands of applicants who were clearly qualified for vacant positions were required to be turned away as ineligible due to simple resume errors.

After the count, Jim and Debbie looked into the struggles that many applicants face on usajobs.gov during their transition from the private sector. People were frustrated.

Hundreds of conversations with interview candidates, job fair participants, and others eventually led to the USAJobs Help program.

Testimonials From Our Clients

USA Jobs Help, LLC BBB Business Review


five Stars "Two job offers at a 13 level"

Federal resume writing service May 16, 2020 This is a long overdue review, but this is the perfect time to write it. After submitting probably over 100 applications since 2015 and not receiving a referral, I reached my limit with applying for federal government positions. As a last resort, I researched companies that wrote federal government resumes and decided on Debbie and her company. I got the package in which they developed one custom-made resume for a job that I wanted to apply for. They also provided a basic resume to tailor other jobs I applied for. Additionally, they provided a list of potential interview questions to practice once I received an interview. Let me tell you, EVERY resume I submitted for a federal job from February 2020 was referred and I participated in five interviews. As of May 13, 2020, I had two job offers at a 13 level. Debbie and her team know what they are doing. They are worth every penny. I know that I would not have gotten the interviews and job offers if it was not for Debbie and her team. Yes, I have the qualifications and skillset, but I did not relay them in the way that the government wanted and that hurt me for years. Please consider my review as a testament of what this company can do. Invest in your future.


five Stars "Within two weeks, I got a referral"

Federal resume writing service May 14, 2020 Before learning of USAjobshelp.com, I was so lost and confused about how to apply for a federal job. Now it is clear that applying for a federal job takes time and the proper preparation that I did not have the skill set for. It was a great experience to have the opportunity to work with them. I have been applying for jobs with usajobs.gov for more than ten years and I could never land an interview. I sent my resume created by USAJobsHELP and within two weeks, I got a referral to the hiring manager. I feel like I’m half way there. This is further than I have ever gotten thanks to Deb Ryan and her team.


five Stars "Quick responses by text or email"

Federal resume writing service May 11, 2020 Ms. Debbie, the senior job coach provides quick responses by text or email. She is upfront with the process and what needs to be done. I appreciate her assistance with my resume writing along with some general writing assistance.


five Stars "Her team did an excellent job"

Federal resume writing service May 10, 2020 Ms. Deb and her team did an excellent job with my federal resume. I really like the fact of how they stay in touch with me and always informed me that if I had any questions to give her a call. Thank you USAjobsHelp for a tremdous job!!


five Stars "Worth every dime!"

Federal resume writing service May 2, 2020 USAJobsHELP is the way to go for those looking to have a professional resume open the door to obtaining a position within federal government. The fee was affordable and worth every dime! The responses I received from my personal job coach were swift and I felt as though I was their only client. The service was fantastic. I even received some additional tips that I believe will assist me in my job search.


4.5 Stars "I was very satisfied"

Federal resume writing service May 1, 2020 This company is very professional, and aims to please the client. The companies communication was very good and my resume came back in a timely manner. Personally I was very satisfied with USAJobsHELP.


five Stars "USAJobsHELP has been more than helpful"

Federal resume writing service April 23, 2020 Being that I had never composed a federal resume before, I was in uncharted territory and desperate for some guidance. USAJobsHELP has been more than helpful in not only composing my resume, but providing a step-by-step process to launch me into the federal hiring process. The staff are friendly and knowledgeable, and very responsive to my questions and concerns. I am now confident the resume USAJobsHELP composed for me will get my foot in the door to the federal workforce. And, even after I received the finished product, USAJobsHELP continues to be there for me should I need them. 5 star service all around. I will be recommending their services to family and friends.


five Stars "Quick and efficient"

Federal resume writing service April 22, 2020 Debbie's service is quick and efficient. She makes it easy to use her service and the turn around time is excellent. After reviewing the results I understood how my previous resumes did not make the referral lists. Thanks Debbie for everything and will be using your service again.


five Stars "Contact Debbie and her crew for guidance!"

Federal resume writing service April 13, 2020 USAJobsHelp provided wonderful insight and advice regarding the federal resume and hiring process. Debbie was always available for questions without hesitation. I would consider using them again and advise anyone thinking about applying for a federal position to contact Debbie and her crew for guidance! Thanks for the help!


five Stars "I got my money's worth"

Federal resume writing service April 8, 2020 I appreciate the work that USAJobsHELP did on my behalf. The work presents my resume in a way that is clearly favorable to the position to which I would apply and I value the additional insight into the federal hiring process. I believe that I got my money's worth.


five Stars "Promoted"

Federal resume writing service April 5, 2020 I would like to thank Debbie and her staff in providing a “first class” resume. The one Debbie and her team created for me was tailored to my education and experience and clearly made the difference. This resume led to several promising interviews and ultimately to my current promoted position.


five Stars "USAJobsHELP is a MUST"

Federal resume writing service March 31, 2020 USAJobsHELP is a MUST if you're applying for a federal job. Ms. Ryan is an excellent source of knowledge and skill in the Federal industry to where, she's able to produce and present only the absolute most important skills and knowledge you have (and are), in the format that's most recognizable and accepted by the federal hiring system. A MVR (most valuable resource) for today's federal hiring market!


five Stars "Highly recommend their services."

Federal resume writing service March 23, 2020 USAJobsHELP customer service is superior. They made every effort to provide me with an excellent service. Highly recommend their services.


five Stars "Very thorough and extensive."

Federal resume writing service March 20, 2020 I am a current federal employee but could not get past the initial stages of my applications on USA jobs. It occurred to me that it was not just enough to be a federal employee to move up but I would need what is called a “federal resume” if I had any luck of obtaining a higher position in the government sector I am currently in. That is when I decided to seek help. I called usajobshelp and Debbie assured me from day 1 that she could help me and she did! Her services are much more than just you pay and get a resume it is very thorough and extensive. She was prompt to return all of my calls and was very professional and encouraging when I was discouraged. I am certain with this new customized resume I will get called any moment for an interview using the the resume usajobs created for me.


five Stars "Courteous, patient, and very helpful"

Federal resume writing service March 19, 2020 The writers assigned to me were courteous, patient, and very helpful. They were quick to respond to questions, and thorough in gathering any missing information.


five Stars "Quality professional service"

Federal resume writing service March 17, 2020 Thank you, USAJobsHELP, for quality professional service. Debbie is terrific, she explained the process and made the process run smooth. I received a federal resume which was accepted by the agency for the position I acquired. I received sample interview questions, that will assist me with the interview process and a copy of my federal resume in word format for future editing. I am completely satisfied with the service I received from USAJobsHELP.


four Stars "I couldn't be more happier"

Federal resume writing service March 12, 2020 The finished product was well-crafted, from the customized resume as well as the basic one. The format was professional and highlighted my skill sets.


five Stars "I couldn't be more happier"

Federal resume writing service March 9, 2020 USAJobsHelp (Ms. Debbie Ryan) was a very professional, courteous and very patient federal resume writing service. I highly recommend her service over any other federal resume writing service advertised. I couldn't be more happier with USA JobsHelp for their help in writing my customized federal resumes and basic resume.


five Stars "You did exactly what you advertised."

Federal resume writing service March 5, 2020 I really appreciate your assistance with this process. You did exactly what you advertised. I could not have gotten this far without you and your team. Your help is much appreciated and I’m forever grateful. Thanks to you my application was accepted and being considered for further review. I have applied for numerous positions with USA jobs and never have I gotten this far.


five Stars "Five stars for service."

Federal resume writing service February 19, 2020 I was very impressed with Debbie and her services. She puts the missing pieces of the puzzle that you would never have thought of. I just submitted my application so will keep Debbie posted on the outcome. However, the other resource information that she provided to help with the interview was very informative. Five stars for service.


five Stars "Two favorable responses within 48 hours"

Federal resume writing service February 10, 2020 USAJobs was very effective and professional in rewriting my resume in the federal jobs format. All deliverables they committed to were on time and they provided an excellent service. I had applied to three federal postings and did not receive a response. I applied with my revised resume and received two favorable responses within 48 hours from the federal government.


five Stars "No words do it justice"

Federal resume writing service February 10, 2020 Customer Service such as this holds more value than any price paid. The one on one, customized assistance that Ms. Debbie and her Team provide is second to none and no words do it justice. Never, in 20+ years dealing with any services, have I felt that my money, time, and needs have been taken as seriously, cared for, and tailored to such as USAJobsHELP has done.


five Stars "Extremely effective"

Federal resume writing service February 10, 2020 USAJobsHELP is extremely effective. The federal resume that they will prepare for you will pass screening, you will be placed among the most qualified candidates, you will be referred to the local hiring manager and finally will get an interview.


four Stars "My experience was outstanding"

Federal resume writing service February 7, 2020 My experience was outstanding as you were always there to cover my back and answers any questions I have and if you didn’t had answers to any of my questions you took time to search them for me.


Five Stars "Awesome and very helpful"

Federal resume writing service February 2, 2020 USAJobsHELP Is very beneficial for federal resume building. Debbie and her team are awesome and very helpful. They also provide potential federal interview questions. USAJobsHELP Builds the resume in a timely manner and assists in applying for the position.


Five Stars "My experience so far has been exceptional"

Federal resume writing service January 29, 2020 I am an active client with UsaJobsHelp.com an my experience so far has been exceptional.


Five Stars "Outstanding Team of professionals"

Federal resume writing service January 28, 2020 Debbie and her Team were very professional and delivered as promised. Debbie laid out a clear roadmap of what to expect and is extremely responsive. So, this makes you feel comfortable knowing that you are being lead by an outstanding Team of professionals that know the in-and-outs of how best to tailor your skills and make you standout vs utilizing a one-size-fits-all-approach. I would highly recommend Debbie!


Five Stars "Well done!"

Federal resume writing service January 22, 2020 Well worth the time, effort and cost! USAJobsHELP significantly increased my chances for an interview. By streamlining the online screening process and coaching me through the process, I'm better prepared to capture the job I want. The team accomplished in a few hours what would have taken me several days. Well done! Understanding how resumes are screened and leveraging a format that increases your chance of making it through the initial keyword scan is essential. In the end, it saves me time and effort while allowing me to focus on the jobs I really want as opposed to the wants I think I can secure.


Five Stars "Very communicative and knowledgeable about the whole federal job process"

Federal resume writing service January 6, 2020 I would like to highly recommend Debbie Ryan from USAJobsHelp for anyone needing assistance with creating a quality resume for federal jobs. Debbie helped me to get my resume refined, polished, and ready for use with my federal applications. I spoke with her for the first time back in July and really appreciated her generosity when it came to devoting her time to my needs. I was immediately impressed with her friendly and welcoming demeanor and her willingness to talk on the phone to try to ascertain precisely what I needed from her organization. Prior to USAJobsHelp, Debbie was a Hiring Manager for the Department of Commerce for 15 years. What better experience could you ask for? Her professional experience puts her in the absolute perfect position to advise the rest of us on what needs to be included in a federal resume. I was a professional educator for 30 years and always had a solid professional resume that served me well throughout my career. That being said, the federal resume is a completely different animal and I really needed Debbie’s help. Debbie’s pricing is very fair and she is very communicative and knowledgeable about the whole federal job process. Bottom line – she will be my go-to person from here on when it comes to professional resume assistance. 5 Stars!


Five Stars "Will give you the keys you need to succeed"

Federal resume writing service December 30, 2019 After working with Debbie and her team, I would give USAjobsHELP ten stars! If you are seeking a federal resume writing, resume review, or KSA writing service, look no further. Debbie’s professionalism and wealth of knowledge will give you the keys you need to succeed. The professional manner in which the process was conducted, the perfection of the resume, and the tips/advice given made the service well worth the money. I also appreciate Debbie’s willingness to answer my questions and explain things in detail.


Five Stars "Selected for the position"

Federal resume writing service December 9, 2019 I had been applying to various jobs an USAjobs.gov for years with little success. When my dream job overseas came up in early fall, I knew that I had to do everything that I could to get selected for that job. With Deb's assistance, and very short time-frame to get the resume complete (2 days), I had a professional resume, tailor made for the position, based on my previous military experience. I made it to the interview stage (for the first time) and was recently notified that I had been selected for the position. I highly recommend using USAjobsHELP to get that USG job that you've always wanted. Especially if you are positive you have the experience and credentials to get the job, but you haven't been able to get it down accurately on your resume. Thanks Deb!


Four Stars "Quick response both times. Great help!"

Federal resume writing service November 19, 2019 Quick response both times. Great help! Answered every question and helped every step of the way. If you don't know what you're doing, these people will help.


Four Stars "There was no way I could have done this on my own."

Federal resume writing service November 14, 2019 I hired USAJobsHELP.com after searching online for someone to work with me on writing a federal resume. I had less than one week to get my resume together to apply for a federal job. Debbie was very helpful in offering me a very reasonable price (cheaper than some other people I contacted), and she clearly knew her stuff about what to be included in a federal resume. There was no way I could have done this on my own. I was very pleased with the final resume and appreciated Debbie's help in working with me on the assessment questions. The federal job application process is a mystery to me and they purposefully keep people in the dark about the right way to apply for federal positions. It's a great resource to have an insider like Debbie there to help you out!


Five Stars "very knowledgeable about the requirements and KSAs"

Federal resume writing service November 6, 2019 USAJobsHELP was very knowledgeable about the requirements and KSAs for applying for a federal job. They provided me with a very detailed resume in less than 24 hrs for express service. They have a quick response time and provide assistance all through the application process


Five Stars "USAjobsHELP is the best option to get selected"

Federal resume writing service November 6, 2019 If you are really interested and wanting a particular job using USAjobsHELP is best option to get selected


Four Stars "Professional looking government résumé"

Federal resume writing service October 29, 2019 USAJobsHELP really took the time and effort to help put my civilian experience into a professional looking government résumé. Untop of that, they also assisted in making sure my job skills correlated with the government job I am interested in.


Five Stars "USAJobsHelp did a great job"

Federal resume writing service October 29, 2019 USAJobsHelp did a great job helping me with my resume. They worked hard and got in complete on short notice and did an excellent job. I appreciate their great work and professionalism throughout the entire process.


Five Stars "Took care of me, I'm forever grateful!"

Federal resume writing service I want to pass my sincere appreciation for assisting with the preparation of my resume. I'm certain without your fantastic writing skills, I would not have receive an Job Interview and ultimately my Job Selection with the Army National Guard.. Before I found out the USAJobsHELP prepares resumes, I applied for 8 USA jobs, and had never received an opportunity for a Job Interview.


Five Stars "They went above and beyond"

Federal resume writing service October 9, 2019 Debbie really helped me when I was overwhelmed with the whole federal resume and job search process. I had no idea where to start and using this service put me at ease and allowed me to focus on getting the rest of the employment package together. they went above and beyond helping me build my resume but also provided interview questions for me to practice and I feel extremely prepared for this process as I move forward. Highly recommend.


Five Stars "I highly recommend Debbie and her staff."

Federal resume writing service October 9, 2019 Debbie helped us navigate the federal jobs application process in a very timely and efficient manner. She has deep knowledge of the process that could only be gained by being a former hiring official within the federal government. In the DC area jobs coaches who offer far less charge double. USAJobsHELP takes you from start to finish of the process for a very reasonable rate, one that I would gladly pay if I were in the search of a job again.


Five Stars "Thanks Deb and great staff for working hard"

Federal resume writing service October 6, 2019 Thanks Deb and great staff for working hard to get my tailored resume in the shape to land a job opportunity USA Federal jobs. My closing date for the position that I was applying to was coming quick ,but your staff worked hard to complete the in record time. Now I'm waiting for an interview!! Thanks Debbie and your staff for all your hard work.


Five Stars "One of the best things that ever happened to me!"

Federal resume writing service October 3, 2019 USAJobsHELP was able to create a federal resume for me in a way that I would've never been able to do by myself. I'm a military wife that moves every three years with my husband and it becomes increasingly difficult to find jobs wherever we move; especially in places that do not speak English. I was looking into applying for a federal job on USAJOBS, so that I could move within the system once I got it, but I knew the resume process would be difficult to do because it requires specific technical steps, that I knew I could not do on my own. I found the link for USAJobsHELP right under the USAJOBS website and it was one of the best things that ever happened to me! Thank you USAJobsHELP for being my support when I didn't have any!


Five Stars "Excellent customer service"

Federal resume writing service October 3, 2019 Extremely professional, reasonably priced, totally reliable.


Five Stars "I would definitely recommend!"

Federal resume writing service October 2, 2019 Debbie's team got right to work on my job vacancy announcement and was able to apply in plenty of time. She spent a great deal of time answering all my questions and made sure I understood the process. I was happy with the product that was presented to me at the end of the process. I would definitely recommend USAJobs Help!


Five Stars "My resume was referred to the hiring manager"

Federal resume writing service, Expedite September 30, 2019 I started my job search on USAJobs.gov on a weekend and noticed a position that I was interested in that closed on the following Monday. I had very little hope that anyone could help me get the resume done in one day. I submitted a request on-line and was willing to pay extra for a "rush" job. On Monday morning I was contacted by USAJobsHELP and told they would be able to get the job done as long as I was available to do what was required of me. We submitted the resume that night and less than three weeks later I received a message that my resume was being referred to the hiring manager for that department. I would never have been able complete this by myself. USAJobsHELP exceeded my expectations!


Four Stars "Very helpful and useful."

Federal resume writing service September 30, 2019 Coming out of graduate school, I had no idea how to go about applying for a federal job. My parents had found Debbie and put me in contact with her and from there she was able to help apply for jobs with the proper resumes, documents, etc. By creating a questionnaire for me to fill out so she could get the resume complete, I was able to see what the position required in a different way from when I had read the job description. This in particular was very helpful and useful. She was also responsive to any questions I had and was always willing to be available for a call if I had any questions while filling out my application.


Five Stars "Landed me a job I wanted"

Federal resume writing service September 20, 2019 From start to finish the folks at USAJobsHelp guided me through the process of not only creating a stellar federal resume but also showing me how to duplicate that resume which ultimately landed me a job I wanted. For years qualifying for a GS job eluded me mostly because I was wording my resume wrong even though I have a veteran preference I still was not passing initial selection. Once I had the proper foundation and building blocks in place courtesy of the staff at USAJobsHelp being selected through the federal governments rigorous hiring process became a breeze. I am eternally grateful for the help I received from USAJobsHelp!


Five Stars "Fast and efficient."

Federal resume writing service, Expedite I needed to produce a resume within a short period of time. Debbie made the process easy with the worksheet and was a phone call away from help. She actually returned my calls very quickly ! I'm 100% satisfied with the service! I needed a resume within 3 days and it was ready in 2 days!


Five Stars "Received a Job Interview"

Federal resume writing service September 16, 2019 USAJobsHelp greatly assisted me each and every time with three resumes and one resume because of their assistance I received a Job Interview for a Supervisory Financial Administrative Specialist with the Veterans Administration. I know because of their creative writing skills I received that interview because I previously applied for that position without receiving a interview before I used USA Jobs Help. Another resume they created for another job I submitted through the Veterans Administration the Job Status says I am referred. They also just recently created another resume for another job position I submitted last week.


Five Stars "I rate your company a ten."

Federal resume writing service September 8, 2019 I got an interview date using the resume you created for me.


Five Stars "Worth every penny."

Federal resume writing service September 5, 2019 USAJobsHELP is not only highly effective, it is worth every penny. I consider myself an intelligent person. However, as an intelligent person, I recognize that the Federal employment process is a difficult one. Debbie's experience is reflected during the application process. Debbie was able to integrate my job experience and translate it to what is needed pertaining to each job applied to. Debbie personalized my resume according to the announcement I was applying for. I realized that there is no such thing as "one resume- fits all". In addition, she explained why certain positions I was interested to apply I was not eligible and the reasons why. Therefore, she just did not take the money "as she could". Instead, her feedback helped me understand the process even further. In addition, without me even asking her she offered "tips" that will help me during the interview process. I am still in the "waiting" process and looking forward to a positive outcome.


Five Stars "I wish I had found them sooner."

Federal resume writing service September 5, 2019 The resume is perfect! I wish I had found them sooner.


Five Stars "Definitely worth the money"

Federal resume writing service August 29, 2019 USAJobsHELP was effective in creating a professional federal resume to apply for a government position. They were very helpful with any questions I've had, their service was quick and professional and the end result was definitely worth the money I paid.


Five Stars "Definitely worth the money"

Federal resume writing service August 28, 2019 USAJobsHELP was effective in creating a professional federal resume to apply for a government position. They were very helpful with any questions I've had, their service was quick and professional and the end result was definitely worth the money I paid.


Five Stars "Referred to the selecting official"

Federal resume writing service August 24, 2019 I was referred to the selecting official, but still have not received a request for an interview.


Five Stars "I would recommend USAjobs HELP"

Federal resume writing service August 21, 2019 I would recommend USAjobs HELP to everyone. Very professional and extremely helpful.


Five Stars "Straight forward advice."

Federal resume writing service August 19, 2019 Debbie is always available to answer the phone and give straight forward advice.


Five Stars "Extremely effective"

Federal resume writing service August 16, 2019 USAJobsHelp was extremely effective for me. The application process for Federal jobs is difficult and the language and format for resumes most be precise. I could not have been successful without [Debbie's] help. I sent my request and resume draft 48 hours before it was due. The USAJobsHelp team replied with a resume suitable for a Federal application before the deadline and I was able to apply for the position I wanted.


Five Stars "Delivered more than I expected"

Federal resume writing service August 14, 2019 Debbie and her team at USAJOBSHelp is committed to help their client for next career move. They have professionals working on your resume and profile with strong drive to make sure that your Resume stand apart from all applicants. They worked on my resume in timely manner and delivered more than I expected with Free basic resume and some interview questions to prepare for. Thank you team.


Five Stars "Very effective."

Federal resume writing service July 31, 2019 USA Jobs Help was always available and willing to help no matter the time and day. Excellent customer service. I got my moneys worth.


Five Stars "I'm very glad I found them."

Federal resume writing service July 31, 2019 I was given very short notice that I quickly needed to find another job while my family relocated out of state. It has been at least 20 years since I last looked for a job and updated my resume to reflect my experience. I started looking anywhere and everywhere for opportunities and I came across the Federal Government job website USAJOBS.com. As I began navigating through the various job postings and requirements I quickly realized that this particular application process had very different expectations compared to the private sector, local and state government jobs. I was lost and confused until I stumbled across the USAJobsHELP website that offered guidance and resume building services. Without Debbie and her proficient staff, I'd be helplessly trying to apply and not be able to make it pass the initial screening process for the federal jobs posted online. Their help and support has been incredible and given me and my family peace of mind. I'm very glad I found them and look forward to giving them the good news that I have a new job with the Federal Government. Without the assistance of USAJobsHELP I would not have been able to navigate the strict requirements on how to format my resume and include all of the necessary information asked for in the job posting.


Five Stars "The turnaround was fast and quality was good."

Federal resume writing service July 31, 2019 When I signed up for help from Debbie, I was looking for quality writing, fast turn around, one on one interaction and care. I expected maybe I would get half of what I was looking for; I got all of it!! This has been a great investment and I recommend USAJobs Help to anyone that has been trying for years to break the USA Jobs "code" without success. This time, I am confident my application will make it past the layers of scrutiny. Thank you Debbie!


Five Stars "Like having a very knowledgeable mentor."

Federal resume writing service July 30, 2019 Working with Debbie was like having a very knowledgeable mentor when applying for a Federal job. She definitely knows the ins and outs when it comes to successfully applying for federal government jobs. I highly recommend her services.


Five Stars "I appreciate the consistent communication."

Federal resume writing service July 30, 2019 I'm happy with my end results and the process was smooth.


Five Stars "I GOT THE JOB!!!"

Federal resume writing service July 29, 2019 A job announcement unexpectedly came out that I was perfect for and have been working toward over my Federal Government Career, however, it had a very short turn-a-around, less than a week. In a complete panic due to the fact that my Resume hadn't been updated in quite some time I reached out to Deb and she agreed to take me on. She reassured me every step of the way, kept my nerves calm, and delivered a timely, high quality resume, (with all of the right buzzwords) that exceeded my expectations. I GOT THE JOB!!! Will spread the word and highly recommend USAJobsHELP to everyone that needs a Resume assist. Reasonable and worth every penny ;-)


Five Stars "The team Debbie Ryan has assembled is first-rate."

Federal resume writing service July 28, 2019 From the moment I selected USAJobsHELP as a tool for my federal job search I received solid information about searching and applying for federal positions. I entered the process as a novice and I relied heavily on the expertise of Debbie Ryan and her team. Some of the information (language) in the job description and the application appeared nebulous at times. I made calls or emailed my questions and/or concerns seeking clear explanations. Every exchange over the phone and/or email offered vital information I used to complete my application effectively. I believe I made an investment towards my future. It was worth it! The team Debbie Ryan has assembled is first-rate. Whenever I posed questions the team made themselves available at all times. Even on weekends my needs were met once I started the application process. Debbie worked with me one-on-one whenever I asked for help. All future applicants should consider USAJobsHELP as a prime source for the federal job search. Working with Debbie and her team of all-stars has been an absolute delight.


Five Stars "Worth every penny!"

Federal resume writing service July 16, 2019 If you're looking for help navigating the 'employment roulette' (aka "USAJobs"), then USAJobsHELP is your one-stop shop. With wisdom, experience, and "behind-the-scenes" insight, the team proves to be a great resource for tapping into the Federal Service opportunities. I will definitely use them in the future (hopefully, when it comes time to apply for promotion positions)! The consulting fee is well worth every penny! As a matter of fact, after seeing the final product, and receiving such excellent customer service (thanks, Deb and Jenn!), especially with the questions and particulars throughout the process, I was pleasantly surprised at how reasonable the amount was!


Five Stars "An invaluable resource for Federal job seekers."

Federal resume writing service July 13, 2019 Deb Ryan and her USA Jobs Help firm is an invaluable resource for Federal job seekers. Deb and her staff are well schooled and experienced in the Federal application process. They know how to fashion and develop successful resumes and applications to insure compliance with Federal application protocols. They substantially increase success in applying for Federal jobs. USA Jobs Help was invaluable in screening and developing effective responses and applications for Federal jobs. Deb Ryan and her staff know the Federal application process well and know how to navigate the arcane Federal application process. The amount of time necessary for successful preparation and resume building was extensive. I believe Deb's service is good value received.


Five Stars "USAJobsHELP was amazing."

Federal resume writing service July 12, 2019 My experience with USAJobsHELP was amazing. Debbie and her professional staff not only showed compassion and enthusiasm about their services, but also proved their services work. Debbie was supportive and answered any questions that I had during the resume process. USAJobsHELP is a real service with real people who provide the necessary essentials for a top rated resume. Their services are well structured and advanced with updated information to serve you better. Their main focus is you the customer and what they can do to help you move forward. It was well worth the money paid for their services. I recommend this service to anyone wanting to get back into the federal job circuit


Five Stars "Received the Job Interview"

Federal resume writing service July 11, 2019 I submitted a resume for a position with the Veterans Administration for a position ending on June 1, 2019 and was referred for the position, and the position was subsequently cancelled due to no eligible candidates. They re-submitted my resume for the same Job position and I reapplied to utilizing USAJobsHELP for a position ending on July 1, 2019 which enabled me to receive a Job Interview on July 16, 2019.


Five Stars "Very helpful"

Federal resume writing service July 5, 2019 I had a job posting that I was informed about. I wanted to accurately reflect my qualities and experience for the job and USAJobs help, help me establish that.


Five Stars "Their price was great compared to others I have used."

Federal resume writing service June 14, 2019 I had been looking for a company to assist me with a federal resume for quite some time. I came across USAjobsHELP and decided to contact them. Debbie got back to me very fast and we discussed my goals. She did not try to upsell me on the most expensive package but recommended a package the was less based on my needs. She kept me posted on the process and provided me with an excellent resume. I would highly recommend USAjobsHELP. Their price was great compared to others I have used and the resumes were great. they provided me with a detailed resume for the position I am applying for and a basic resume. I know feel more confident to apply for positions after receiving assistance.


Five Stars "I wish I had found [USAJobsHelp] 4 years ago"

Federal resume writing service June 14, 2019 The priceless advice, the professionalism and the expertise I received from you and your team does not hold monetary value. You took your time and asked the right questions, your reorganization and presentation of my resume surpassed any expectation I had. I wish I had found you 4 years ago because my career path would have been so much different. I will be coming back to you for advice and to refer other job seekers. Thank you for all that you did for me, and for also giving me the confidence I needed to apply for my dream job.


Five Stars "It was easy."

Federal resume writing service June 12, 2019 Applying for a Federal job is a labor-intensive task. I didn't know where to start. Debbie was very helpful from the beginning. She explained the process and made each step simple. I provided the job announcement and my resume information. Based on the job requirements, she and her team created a survey for me to complete. Using my answers in the survey and the resume information, they created the content for the job application in a short amount of time. All I had to do was upload the new resume and other required documents to usajobs.gov, copy and paste a few items into the online application form, and submit the application. It was easy. She even reviewed the application before I submitted it on usajobs.gov. I highly recommend her services.


Five Stars "Received an interview with the 1st application"

Federal resume writing service June 10, 2019 I received an interview with the 1st application submitted. Without USAJobsHelp assistance with my resume, I couldn't get a call back for an interview.


Five Stars "Found qualified, interview scheduled"

Federal resume writing service June 5, 2019 If you are wondering, USAJobsHelp was well worth the money! For the resume work alone, it is a good value – and you get two professionally prepared resumes. On top of that, the experience and guidance Debbie and her team provided me in meeting the usajobs.gov application requirements was invaluable. I had a short deadline to meet for a position closing and everything was delivered on time. After being found qualified, I now have an interview scheduled for the position. Honestly, I don't think I could have done it without USAJobsHelp.


Five Stars "An incredible value for the money."

Federal resume writing service May 29, 2019 Based on my research, USAjobsHELP is an incredible value for the money. I applied for a couple federal positions in the past, and the applications seemed to just disappear into the abyss that is the Federal Hiring process. I looked into another company, they asked for 79.00 initial consult fee, and 300.00 per page with a 5 page minimum for a resume. That fee did NOT include both a general and specific option, as [USAjobsHELP] provided, nor did it provide any of the consultative services [USAjobsHELP] provided, such as the quick turn around, the key interview questions, or even a one on one phone call. The fact that I got an interview the first time I used [USAjobsHELP] speaks volumes to the value provided for the money I paid!


Five Stars "I got the job"

Federal resume writing service May 21, 2019 I got the job I start May 26th, Thank you!!!!!!!!


Five Stars "Extremely happy, highly recommend USAJobsHELP!"

Federal resume writing service May 19, 2019 I reached out literally 2 days before the job announcement closed and by the end of the day, well into the night Debbie and her staff were working. They made me feel like I was the only client they had. Debbie and Jennifer were so attentive to what I needed to do and even reminded me of the closing. Up unto the last hour Debbie reached out to tell me if I needed help with anything to not hesitate to ask. I'm extremely happy with the service and highly recommend USAJobsHELP!


Five Stars "Recommended USAJobsHELP to my friends"

Federal resume writing service May 5, 2019 Rarely do I come across a service that is reasonably priced and exceeds my expectations. USAJobsHELP did both. I struggled for months to understand the right resume format and Debbie got me on track in about a week. She provided exceptional customer service and very quick response time to all my questions and concerns. I am very happy to say that the customer service was fantastic and have recommended USAJobsHELP to my friends.



Federal resume writing service April 27, 2019 I could not have done it without [USAJobsHelp]! Advice regarding a letter from my supervisor was a very important part of my application process and even though my supervisor didn't think that I would need a letter stating I didn't have an employee evaluation because it wasn't applicable to my previous position that was literally what it came down to when a candidate with similar experience was selected but the candidate didn't have all the necessary paperwork for his government experience. Thank you so much and it was definitely worth the price! I'd recommend your services to anyone seeking government employment services!


Five Stars "Very knowledgeable in Federal resumes"

Federal resume writing service April 25, 2019 Very knowledgeable in Federal resumes. I'm currently on the way to a Job and it's because of the assistance USAJOBSHELP gave me! Thank you!!


Five Stars "I'm truly grateful."

Federal resume writing service April 16, 2019 Mrs.Ryan, helped me in the time of need. I was lost, frustrate, depress and confuse. I didn't have many options to fulfill my dreams as a potential Federal employee. If I would have known the website, I would have use it sooner. I'm so thankful that she took the time out to help me. I'm truly grateful.


Five Stars "Best money ever spent!"

Federal resume writing service April 12, 2019 Deb and her team are wonderful and very easy to communicate with, this company is my go to hands down.


Five Stars "I would definitely use again!"

Federal resume writing service April 12, 2019 5 stars! Money was well spent! Took away the stress and worry of going through the process! I would definitely use again!


Five Stars "Blows the competition out of the water"

Federal resume writing service April 11, 2019 I could not hope for a better service, superb and impeccable job than USAJobsHELP. From the first time I contacted Debbie, she gave me detailed instructions of what she does, what to expect and guided me throughout the entire process. She never lost enthusiasm or desire to help me. She always planned ahead, never caught short. Her service is brilliant and exceptional. She's knowledgeable with an industrious knack for getting the job done correctly. She has blown her competitions out of the water. I would enthusiastically recommend USAJobsHELP to anybody. If you're reading this review, "spend the money for her service, you will not regret it".


Five Stars "Extremely responsive"

Federal resume writing service April 10, 2019 Debbie made the extremely complicated federal application process make sense. She created the resume and more importantly, was extremely responsive throughout the process. Well worth the investment.


Five Stars "First Interview After 3 Years of Trying"

Federal resume writing service April 6, 2019 Ms. Debbie and her crew were very friendly, helpful, and knowledgeable. My resume was very nicely and professionally written and I've gotten my first interview less than a week after applying, after 3 years of trying to get on myself. 5 stars and 100% worth the money!!


4.2 Stars "They delivered on every claim"

Federal resume writing service April 3, 2019 After many months of frustration and dozens of applications submitted, with little to no traction, I found USAJobsHelp online and reached out to them for their assistance after reading their bio and claims on their site. Initially, being very skeptical, I proceeded with caution. But, the end result is that they delivered on every claim made. I received my Resume from them and submitted it for a position, for which I received a notification that I have been "Referred," in less than a week after the position closed! I had them prepare my resume on the 27th of March, and received an email telling me that I have been referred on 3 April!


Five Stars "I highly recommend!"

Federal resume writing service April 2, 2019 At first I was hesitant to use an unfamiliar online service to help prepare my resume and job application to apply for a government position but once I contacted Debbie I was very comfortable and confident she would provide exactly what I needed in order to be more successful through the application process! I highly recommend!


Five Stars "I received the job offer"

Federal resume writing service April 1, 2019 Thank you so much your time and detailed resume, I received the job offer. You're the best!


Five Stars "Very detailed"

Federal resume writing service March 23, 2019 My experience with usajobshelp was great. My job coach Debbie was patient with me and took her time with me to find out everything about my work history. The resume she built for me was very detailed and highlighted all of my strongest skills.


Five Stars "Received Best Applicant Rating!"

Federal resume writing service March 12, 2019 I have submitted multiple employment applications over the years through USAJOBS, but each one fell short, making me discouraged, because I know I have the experience and education to compete for these jobs. The experience that USAJobsHELP provides through resume building and coaching is top notch and will give anyone the confidence you need in applying for employment opportunities you know you can compete to acquire. I profess to be a solid writer; however, USAJobsHELP has the subject experts and experience that will get your resume looked at by hiring managers. Without Debbie's assistance, my resume does not get looked at with equal weight. Debbie went the extra mile with my resume and answering all my questions. With her help, I have submitted 3 applications for jobs in my career scope and 2 have already come back with referrals with best applicant rating, well worth the money.


Five Stars "I got my money worth and more!"

Federal resume writing service February 26, 2019 The service was excellent, I got my money worth and more! I highly recommend this resume writing service. Debbie not only provided me with an emergency resume, she provided me with an outstanding resume that I am very proud of! If you do not take advantage of her services you are cheating yourself!


Five Stars "An absolute professional."

Federal resume writing service February 8, 2019 Debbie is an absolute professional while obtaining all information and added a touch of caring while being concerned about what I needed and is very fast, I didnt have to ask for anything, she just knew. Thank you for the help.


Five Stars "6 Stars out of 5!!"

Federal resume writing service January 28, 2019 Working with Debbie and USAJobsHELP.COM was exceptional. She is very detailed and handles all of the technicalities. She is willing to walk you through any steps that are required and she's quite meticulous about capturing all of your experience… not to mention she was diligent about notifying me of postings as they arose. Overall, I would hire them again and again. I will and have raved about them to many people I know. Just quit wasting time, hire them – this service easily paid for itself.


Five Stars "Very effective"

Federal resume writing service November 28, 2018 It was very effective. I'm so happy that I found this site. This was totally worth the amount I paid. Deb did a fantastic job and was very prompt with following up and maintaining communication. I highly recommend her assistance and support to other federal job applicants.