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1. Applications are pre-screened by HR Specialists.
If the exact keywords required for the position are not found, your application will not even have the chance to be considered.
2. Being qualified does NOT make you eligible for the job!
To be considered eligible, your application must meet precise federal standards, including exact word choice, specific organization, and personal examples.
3. Many federal job announcements are only open for ten days.
Most people search through the entire USAJobs website, but are so frustrated by the time they reach the applications that they put it off and the job is gone.

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USA Jobs Help, the Dot Com Reveals the Secrets of USA Jobs, the Dot Gov

USA Jobs Help, the Dot Com, Reveals the Secrets of USA Jobs, the Dot Gov
USA Jobs Help or,, is a new website designed to assist people who are trying to use the government's website,, to apply for a Federal Government job. USA Jobs Help assists you in using the similarly named dot Gov site correctly and, in so doing, helps you meet the less obvious requirements that are all but completely hidden within the dot Gov site.

This new dot com website was created by former 2010 Census employees who saw the number of census management job applications which were rejected due to minor omissions on people's applications and/or resumes. These simple omissions cost thousands of otherwise qualified people their chance at census management jobs.

Very few people are aware, or would have any way to know, that their Federal Job application might be passed over, or deemed ineligible, without ever being forwarded on to an actual selecting official. In most instances these applications are not moved forward in the system because they did not contain the exact word or phrase that the government's Human Resources Specialist is required to look for on the initial review of an application.

Clearly, the required terms are to be found within the almost 200 page dot-Gov website, but how likely is an applicant to find the required terms if the applicant doesn't know which terms are the ones specifically required? Moreover, the posting's "job descriptions" are often totally non-descriptive and veiled in vague and inexplicable industry jargon. The experienced staff of advisors knows the exact terms and they know where the terms should be placed.

Just as the H R specialists, screening applications during the 2010 census, had to reject upwards of 40% of all job applications due to the application's lack of exact keywords, so today, these same H R specialists must reject the new federal job applications for the same reason. Going to our Help site can help you avoid these pitfalls entirely!

Please understand, it is not our contention that people applying for U S government jobs are purposely being denied these jobs because they did not pick the right words to describe their prior job duties. In fact, they may have failed in the selection process because they used perfectly appropriate wording in describing their former jobs - but they did not use the specifically required wording that the job posting is designed to recognize in order to find applicants with exactly matching qualifications.

The Government looks at a huge number of applications for jobs each month. The people we are describing here are casualties of a system that actually works. The Government is not trying to deny anyone who is qualified for a job his or her chance at obtaining one. But they do have an abundance of applications. So they are looking for certain words on an application that describe specific abilities, or prior responsibilities, that certain applicants have in their work histories. This is not unreasonable. They even tell you as much if you read all 200 pages of their dot gov Jobs website.

Here at USA Jobs Help, we point these things out in order to help explain how the government uses the dot gov website. We just want to show you that you no longer need to be a casualty of this arcane and immutable system. As we stated at the top of this page,, is a new website designed to assist people who are trying to figure out how to use the government's website: to apply for a Federal Government job.

Our "help" site can help you obtain the Federal Job you are seeking if you are qualified for the job. We are committed to doing so and, to get started, all you need to do is press the "Start Here" button above.